During the first half of 2018 we have organised 50 courses for 746 third country nationals

We offer our Welcome to the Czech Republic adaptation-integration courses to all third country nationals free of charge as open public courses. In Prague they take place in regular intervals. The highest demand is for courses in Russian and English. Courses in Ukrainian are very popular as well and we have now been offering courses interpreted into Spanish on a regular basis, too. Most open courses have been organised in Prague at the premises of Slovo 21 during weekends, so that they were available for as many people as possible. However, depending on the current demand of foreigners, the courses are also held in regional integration centres and NGOs which provide services to foreigners.

Slovo 21 also cooperates with companies which employ foreigners and want to provide them with the courses. The introductory adaptation-integration courses are then organised at the premises of the companies. Altogether, we have organised 18 company courses for 378 people. There have also been courses for newcomer students but the most students are expected to come at the beginning of the new academic year in September and October 2018. We also organise courses for migrant organisations that wish to cooperate with us. The courses take place at the premises of the organisations where foreigners are used to going.

The adaptation-integration courses are held in Czech and interpreted into English, Russian, Ukrainian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, and Spanish. You can register to the public open courses directly through this website.