How has the project Welcome to the Czech Republic continued during the pandemic? Learn more about a new online training for our lecturers.

The current situation caused by the global coronavirus pandemic has turned our society upside down and it has had an impact on our project of adaptation-integration courses Welcome to the Czech Republic as well. While we suspended the courses themselves, we moved some other activities that form a part of the project into the online world.

The first of the activities we did online was an online training for our lecturers. There are many trainings planned for this year and that is the reason why we decided not to hesitate too much with the first training. We must admit that the online format of the training was quite a challenge for the instructors as well as for the participants. They expressed their concerns in their evaluations:

At the beginning, I was quite worried because of the online format but my fears proved to be unfounded. Even though I was just sitting in front of a screen, I felt immersed in the training and it provided me with a great opportunity for my development.

Although I was slightly sceptical before the training, in the end, I see the training very positively – I don’t feel that we have received less information than we would have received during a traditional face-to-face training.

What we can take from the evaluations written by the participants is that even though they had some initial concerns because of the online form, the training was evaluated positively in the end. This can be credited mainly to the instructors who not only managed to adapt the entire face-to-face format of the training, but they also guided the participants through a 3-day online training interactively, so it was interesting and manageable. The participants appreciated primarily the attitude of the instructors, which is reflected in their feedback:

The instructors were amazing, professional, they complemented one another, and they caught our attention. I also appreciate that the methodologist was present and shared her point of view. Generally, I liked the partner and non-directive approach. The feedback that was given to us was very detailed and useful.

The instructors have vast experience, I respect their professional and at the same time humane approach.

When compared to the traditional format of the training, our online training was enriched by information on how to instruct online. Being a lecturer of an online course brings many difficulties and requires good preparation, mainly technical one. Moreover, acquired skills related to organizing videoconferences and lecturing online courses will be most likely, given the current situation, useful in the future.

If you are interested in lecturing the course Welcome to the Czech Republic and you would like to become one of our lecturers, contact us at There are still some seats available at our upcoming trainings. We are looking mainly for lawyers, social and intercultural workers, employees of integration centres or non-profit organizations that focus on migrants on a long-term basis.