Adaptation and integration courses are divided into courses intended for the public and courses not intended for the public.Courses intended for the public may be attended by every foreign national who:

  1. registers via the portal
  2. pays the fee of CZK 1,500and receives confirmation of payment
  3. enrols for a specific course and receives an e-mail confirmation of this fact

Courses not intended for the public take place on the basis of orders from legal entities in cooperation with a particular Foreign National Integration Support Centre. Again this requires registration via the portal – then the necessary steps involving payment, organisation and course attendance of foreign nationals are organised by the legal entity itself. Payment for such courses is not made directly to the state!


The amount payable to the state for a foreign national for attending an adaptation and integration course intended for the publicis CZK1,500; for courses not intended for the public, this amount is CZK 800 (the foreign national does not pay directly to the state, but pays to the legal entity). For a courseintended for the public, a “variable symbol” will be generated for the foreign national after registering via the portal;  the foreign national should then pay the amount into the Ministry’s bank account either by bank transfer or postal order. If the foreign national does not quote the variable symbol during payment, the payment will be acknowledged. For a course not intended for the public, the payment for all those attending is made collectively by the legal entity that requested the course to be held and it will contact the participants directly.


Updated information concerning the type of course, the dates on which they are to held and the language into which they will be interpreted will be made available to the foreign national after payment of the amount payable for courses for the public, or payment directly to the legal entity in the case of courses not intended for the public.

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