Shaluu Saintsetseg, Mongolia

Shaluu Saintsetseg arrived to the Czech Republic in April 2018 from Mongolia. She is 26 years old and she has started working in the Adient company in Česká Lípa. As for the adaptation-integration course Welcome to the Czech Republic, she says that she has learned there everything she needed to know to be able to live in a new country.

In what ways did you find the adaptation-integration course helpful?

I arrived in the Czech Republic a month ago and I don’t know any Czech yet. I didn’t have any information about the Czech Republic or about how things work here. Thanks to the course, I have learned everything I needed to know to be able to live in a new country. I was also told that if there is any issue I need to solve, I can get help at the branch office of the Liberec Region integration centre in Česká Lípa.

What part of the course was the most interesting for you?

I found all the information interesting as everything was absolutely new to me. What I see as a great difference and benefit is that we as employed foreigners participate in the Czech public health insurance system and the social system. Having heard all the information today, I feel that life in the CR can be much better.

What qualification did you acquire in Mongolia?

I studied acting, drama. I attended a Mongolian analogue to the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. I love culture and I am very much looking forward to getting to know the Czech theatre production. First of all, I want to look into the theatres and their performances here in the region.

Thank you for the interview. We welcome you to the Czech Republic and wish you every success here!