About the project

Welcome to the Czech Republic! We know it is not always easy to begin a new life in a new country. With this thought in mind, we have created adaptation/integration courses aiming to help foreigners by familiarising them with the new environment in Czech Republic and help them overcome any obstacles within the first few months of their stay. On this page, you can find information about the courses and register online right away. you can also watch a short documentary: Welcome to the Czech Republic.

What are integration courses?

We consider integration courses for newcomers as a useful first step of life in a new country. The courses are beneficial for foreigners from non-EU countries who have moved to the Czech Republic and plan to live here for a long time. The courses offer a bounty of practical information about the way Czech society functions. Our courses are conducted in Czech with professional interpretation in English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Vietnamese, Mongolian and Arabic.

What will you learn during these courses?

During the course you will be provided with the necessary information related to the following fields:

  • Residence legislation: Visas, long-term residence permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship. Change of permit. Terms and conditions. Biometrics. Application requirements, forms and fees. Travel in EU/Schengen area. Invitation of family/friends. Family reunification. Conditions for study and residence legislation. Changing schools or its termination. Useful contacts.
  • Employment: Employee card. Type of contracts. How to look for a job. Taxes. Health and social insurance. Students and employment. Risks and protection for employees.
  • Business: Starting a business license in the Czech Republic. Duties – Health insurance, social insurance, taxes. Residence of foreigners for the purpose of business.
  • Education: Czech educational system. Placement of children into the Czech educational system. Czech language courses for adults and children. Recognition of previous education.
  • Healthcare, health and social insurance: Healthcare system in the Czech Republic. Public and private health insurance. Social security system in the Czech Republic.
  • Housing: Renting a flat. Searching for a house or apartment. Housing contracts. Fees related to housing. Risks and protection. Reporting the place of residence and its changes according to Czech immigration law.
  • Everyday practical life: Emergencies. Transportation. Driving. Car registration. Post office. Official correspondence.
  • Czech public holidays. Customs and traditions. Basic cultural overview. Interesting sights and leisure time activities.
  • Contact details for Czech institutions – the Ministry of the Interior, Regional offices of the Foreign Police Service.  Contacts for organizations which provide free of charge services for foreigners - integration centres all around the Czech Republic and non-profit non-governmental organizations 

Who should I attend the courses?

Adaption/integration courses are for non-EU citizens who have started a new life in the Czech Republic. Within the first couple of months after arriving in the Czech Republic, foreigners taking the courses will have the necessary basic information to help them better understand the new country.

Who delivers the courses?

Our courses are delivered by certified lecturers, lawyers, and social workers from the Integration Centres (www.integracnicentra.cz) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dealing with migrants in the Czech Republic

Should you pay for the course?

The integration course “Welcome to the Czech Republic” is free of charge for the participants.

Do you get any study materials in the course that can be used as a reference?

Yes, of course. Each participant will get the information brochure “Welcome to the Czech Republic”. The brochure contains detailed information on staying in the Czech Republic and contact details for non-profit organizations and integration centers. The course is accompanied by the film “Welcome to the Czech Republic”. The film gives a vivid presentation of important information about the socio-cultural aspects of Czech society.

How long is the course? Are refreshments available?

According to the methodology, approved by the Ministry of the Interior, the course takes 8 hours. The course includes coffee breaks and a lunch break.

Funding of the Project

The project “Welcome to the Czech Republic“ consists of several activities; The core activity lies in the organization of the adaptation/integration courses for foreigners and their presentation on this website. We also organize trainings for the lecturers and interpreters who will deliver the courses to the participants. We regularly update all the materials, so that you can always find up-to-date information including translations. Every year we have provided new translations of the brochure and the film, “Welcome to the Czech Republic“.

In 2016, the project “Welcome to the Czech Republic 2016” is funded through the grant of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic as we prepare the new Arabic version of materials and training of interpreters for the Arabic language. We currently have updated the brochure in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and French versions.

The project is implemented by the non-profit non-governmental organization Slovo 21, z.s.