Meet Oyntsetseg Enkhsaikan (25), participant of our course "Welcome to the Czech Republic" in Pardubice:


"Originally I’m from Ulan Bator, Mongolia. I graduated as an architect, but in Mongolia this area is not so developed, so there are small possibilities to work and improve in this area. I am married and have a small baby, who is now staying in Mongolia with grandparents.


Relative of my husband has been living for a long time in the Czech Republic, and we have decided to try our luck here. We like that life over here is calmer, the architecture is amazing and work opportunities are abundant. My dream is to continue my education in architecture and work in this area in the Czech Republic. However at this moment, I am looking forward to start working, and in after we stabilize we would like to unite with a baby.


For me this course “Welcome to the Czech Republic” was very useful , I have learned about the basics of living in the Czech Republic. The most important for us was to know about education and health systems in the Czech Republic, as I am a young mother.


I would recommend this course to all of my friends coming from Mongolia!"