"I came from Mongolia together with my husband; our small baby girl is currently staying with my parents. I decided to come to the Czech Republic, because I am still young and the Czech Republic is a very interesting country to live in. In Mongolia, life conditions are not easy, exchange rate is not stable, it is difficult to make a living, to make plans, to develop, to plan the future.


In Mongolia I was a singer, and I still love to do it. It would be amazing to have a possibility to perform in the Czech Republic as well. Here I would have a possibility to have a stable job, to learn new languages (Czech and English) and to have a possibility to have a better life. Simply there are more opportunities for me, for my husband and for our baby!


Before I came to the course I had a lot of questions, and it gave essential answers to me. The most important is to know that there are language courses you can attend, the lawyer you can address, the specifics of Czechs I would definitely recommend it to newcomers!"