I graduated from the Lvov National University in Ukraine with the specialization Engineer in Ecology. I decided to move to the Czech Republic due to the family reasons: we came together for language courses and further studies here. The first thing that impressed me was the transport system; back in Ukraine it is not possible to use public transport with such a comfort.

After these 9 months in the Czech Republic, I do feel comfortable here, but I do not feel myself integrated because we do not communicate with Czechs, only with Russian speakers. I think we would feel ourselves integrated only when we will work together with Czechs and use Czech language for communication. I do think that integration is all this: work, language and friendships.

Thank you for this course, the information was presented in clear and detailed way. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives, who would come to the Czech Republic! Especially for students, coming to the Czech Republic: to learn information about non-governmental organizations, who are working for them and can support them for free in difficult situations!