Natalia (24) and Evi (28) joined our course for English speakers, and agreed to give us a small interview on their lifestories in the Czech republic. 


Natalia: “I am coming from Ukraine. I graduated from the Law University with Master Degree over there, and came continue my studies at the Charles University with the specialization International Human Rights. I would be happy to find an employment within international organization, working with human rights.”

Evi: “I also studied Law and came here to the Czech Republic to work in the Komercni Banka. We usually speak French, English and Czech in our organization.”


***Moving to the Czech Republic: reasons, first impressions

Natalia: “My career influenced my decision because here I found the program, which fits me perfectly – “International Law”. Moreover, the Czech Republic is very close to our Ukrainian mentality. It is very cozy and beautiful country, where I can have a good education.

As my program is English, my close environment are foreigners, and all of them are friendly and supportive to me. I feel that in general, that there is a partition between foreigners and Czechs, however while studying at my faculty, I do not experience that.”


Evi: “I wanted to have an experience of working in Europe, and the Czech Republic was a good spot to try this out. 

As I mentioned, the main languages at work are French and English. I can speak Czech but not so good yet, and I feel that it can be an issue of finding the link to communication with locals.”


***How do you feel in the Czech Republic? Do you feel integrated?

Natalia and Evi: “I generally feel the lack of Czech knowledge. When I have to visit authorities or even shops, I have a feeling that with my English it is difficult to be understood… ”


Natalia: “I do not feel fully integrated: I don’t speak the language, and I mainly communicate with foreigners. I think if I am employed and know the language it will be easy to integrate.”


Evi: “I think one needs to speak Czech to be integrated in the Czech society. I think if Czech people would show and explain their culture, it will be more easier to integrate for us, newcomers, coming here!”