The courses offer essential practical information from the following areas:

  • Introduction about the Czech republic for the newly incoming foreigners. Free and professional counselling in social and legal issues financed by the Czech state, for foreigners – integration centres and non-governmental non-profit organization.
  • Legislation to regulate residence for foreigners. The difference between a visa and permit for long term stay. The purpose of the residence for the Ministry of the interior and how to keep the so-called fulfilment of the purpose of the stay. As the purpose of stay change and how to extend the residence permit in the Czech republic. Where to find correct and current information.
  • Education. Czech language courses for adults and children free of charge or for a fee. When foreigners need exam from the Czech language and at what level. Placing children in Czech schools and the role of the parents in the education of the child. Recognition of the previous education – nostrification of documents on education.
  • Employment. Under what conditions can a foreigner work in the Czech republic. When he needs and when he doesn't need a permit to enter the Czech labour market. Types of contracts of employment and statutory protection of employees in the Czech republic. Contributions for health and social insurance. How to make a living in the Czech republic and as a foreigner to observe all statutory rules.
  • Everyday practical life and how to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Official communication with the authorities in the Czech republic and the Ministry of interior. Legal age and criminal responsibility for own actions. Responsibilities connected with the housing in the Czech republic.
  • Health care. How to find a doctor for adults and for children. How to seek medical help in a crisis situation - emergency services on 112. Health insurance.

This information will help foreigners address their issues with Czech authorities easier. Contact details of legal and social services of integration centres for foreigners and NGOs will help them understand administrative procedures. Information, knowledge and skills obtained by foreigners will lower the administrative burden borne by Czech authorities and make foreigner integration easier.

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