Kely Gallegos Chávez, course participant from Peru: I believe that the course was very helpful not just for me but for all the participants. It was very informative and comprehensive.

Kely came to the Czech Republic in autumn 2017 to study international relations in English bachelor studies at the Metropolitan University in Prague. She also learns Czech, even though the Czech grammar rules are very difficult.

Are you satisfied with your studies in the Czech Republic?

I am very satisfied with my studies and I like the Metropolitan University a lot. Our teachers are very nice people. I am also glad that there are many Czech students, even though our programme is in English. However, I study Czech as well. It is a rather difficult language for me because of the grammar rules but I hope to master it soon.

Where did you learn about the adaptation-integration course Welcome to the Czech Republic?

I learnt about the course through social media – I saw it on Facebook. We usually don’t find all information we need at the website of our embassy, so I am very glad that I came across this course by chance.

How did you find the course? Was it helpful?

Yes, it was very helpful and not just for me – I believe it was helpful for all the participants. It was very informative and comprehensive. I learnt a lot of information I hadn’t expected – for example about health and health care in the Czech Republic. The social issues were very interesting as well. I now consider them much more important than ever before. The whole system is much clearer to me now.

Did you know about the existence of NGOs and integration centres and their counselling services?

I didn’t know a lot about them before. I only had some knowledge about the META organisation which is focused on education. I contacted them before I left Peru to ask about the recognition of my diploma. And thanks to META I’ve learnt that there are also other NGOs which offer free counselling to foreigners in the Czech Republic.

And how do you like the Czech Republic?

It is very beautiful and my experience is only positive. I like Prague very much. But I also like the system in the CR. I feel as comfortable as if I was at home here.