Tetiana Tkach, course participant, Ukraine

Tetiana studied pedagogy and informatics in Ukraine. She graduated from two universities in Ukraine. In the past ten years, her husband was living in the Czech Republic alone; now, the whole family decided to move to Czechia together.

You have just taken Welcome to the Czech Republic course – did you like it?

I learned about the course from the Foreigner Police Service. I was most interested in learning how to nostrify my diplomas, and in getting more information about the education system. I need to know how to use my teacher’s diploma in the Czech Republic. During the course, I also learned that social workers could help me get my diploma recognized, i.e. help me with nostrification.

I am also interested in Czech language courses. I can already speak my better than I did when I first came here a few months ago, but I still need to improve my language skills.

I liked that lecturers showed us many websites where we can find more information. For example, how to check a landlord on some website. I have also found university websites very interesting, and I will check it out more at home.

It was news to me that some organizations in the Czech Republic provide free assistance. Even with this course I thought that I would have to pay for it; I couldn’t believe it was free of charge. I was also surprised to learn that NGOs and integration centres provide Czech language courses free of charge or for a very small fee.

I also liked that lecturers provided answers to our questions. They didn’t insist on doing their presentation only; they were interested in what we needed to know.

Would you recommend this course to other foreigners?

If I knew about your course immediately after I moved to the Czech Republic, it would have helped me a lot. I would have at least signed up for Czech language courses offered by different organizations. I would have also immediately started diploma nostrification process. Now, I am very happy that I have so many Internet links to websites where I can get more information. I wish this course continued so I could learn even more.

I would recommend this course to anyone. Especially to those who have some kind of diploma, that they do not give up because they can use their diploma in the Czech Republic, too.

I would also recommend this course to anyone because it is free of charge. I would like to thank the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic for providing this course to foreigners, and for making it free of charge!