Maria Kirova (18), Igor Muravyev (26) and Vladimir Zinovyev (19), students from the Czech Prestige language school in Prague, are currently preparing to pass the entrance exams to state Czech universities. Check out their stories!

***Education in Russia and in the Czech Republic:
Igor (Moscow, Russia): “I graduated with IT specialization. I like my specialization, but I would say that the educational program was quite weak at my university in Russia. To learn something new and practical I had to do a lot of self-learning and learning through practice in my free time. “

Egor (Saint-Petersburg, Russia): “I like that in the Czech Republic the education system is more diverse, everybody can find a specialization according to his/her tastes. Moreover, for some specializations secondary education is enough to start working. In the Czech Republic, one can find a lot of possibilities for knowledge, for exchange programs, for international professors and teachers.”

Maria (Krasnodar, Russia): “My main motivation was to get good education for free. Another thing is the entrance exam. In Russia we have General State Exam, which unites knowledge in different disciplines. Here, the exams are adapted to specific specialization. For example, I want to become an interpreter, and my entrance exams are more practical and are connected with this specific field.”

***Employment opportunities after education:
Igor: “Due to the fact that I am IT, I have never had a problem to find a job. If you are a lawyer or economist, then it is a problem. You should be not only the best at your faculty, but also be able to complete the internship during your studies in order to find a job placement.”
***Decision to move to the Czech Republic:

Maria: “Together with my mother we found several possibilities for studying abroad. Among my variants were Norway and Czech Republic. Scholarship and grant from Czech Prestige School, Slavic language and climate – were the main points to decide for the Czech Republic.”

Egor: “I am from Saint-Petersburg, and usually people are going to study in Finland from here. I have decided in favor of the Czech Republic because the life here seems more alive, the geographical position is very central and the language is more close to ours.”

Igor: “I visited the Czech Republic as a tourist before, learned about possibility of free education in Czech over here, and heard that language is quite similar. At some moment, I have understood that I would like to change my environment and country, and so the decision was made for Prague.”

***First impressions and future expectations:
Egor: “I like that Prague is so multicultural, open, welcoming newcomers.”
Igor: “I have a bit confusing impression. I like the order, rights, comfort you have here. At the same time I thought that we are closer like people to each other. I do hope that all our dreams will come true, and Prague can become our new home. And even if we have to go back to Russia, we will bring new knowledge and skills back.”
Maria: “Here I started to understand the differences between our countries, what are the specifics, what can be learning points for us from Czech people. Living on our own here (without family) made us more independent, appreciative and understanding.””

***Feedback to the course:
“Very useful course, I would really recommend it to all newcomers. We liked the fact that there were given a lot of details for practical issues (legal framework), and possibility to ask questions. Non-governmental organizations were something that we were not aware of at all, and we are very glad to know that they exist, what kind of activities they do for migrants. Thank you very much!”