Brochure and film

The brochure and film "Welcome to the Czech Republic" are aimed for non-EU citizens who have come to the Czech Republic and plan to stay here for a long time. Its aim is to provide basic information for foreigners about life in the Czech Republic. 

The film’s director, Radim Špaček, presents important information about the lives of foreigners who have come to the Czech Republic and includes a basic socio-cultural overview of Czech society. The scenes depicting typical situations are played by a main character and other characters played by foreigners living in the Czech Republic. The film was made and interpreted in English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Vietnamese, Mongolian and Arabic. In a spontaneous and witty way, the film seeks to provide basic information about everyday concerns of any citizen and acquaints the viewer with national symbols, Czech traditions, and noteworthy places across the country. The film highlights the main rights and obligations of immigrants in the Czech Republic. 








Arabic     Mongolian

The Brochure contains detailed information covered within the welcome courses such as: residence legislation, employment, running a business, Czech education system, healthcare, health and social insurance, housing, everyday practical information etc. It also contains contact details for Czech institutions – Ministry of the Interior, Foreign Police Service, but also for organizations which provide free of charge services for foreigners - integration centres all around the Czech Republic and non-profit non-governmental organizations. The brochure is translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Vietnamese, Mongolian and in 2016, it will be in Arabic. The brochure can be obtained during the “Welcome to the Czech Republic” course. 


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