Basic information about the courses

Welcome to the Czech Republic! We know it is not always easy to begin a new life in a new country. That is why this web site was launched – to help foreigners by familiarising them with their new environment in the Czech Republic and help them overcome any obstacles in the first few months of their stay. For this reason we offer adaption/integration courses. On this website you will find a list of such currently offered adaption/integration courses for which you can register online! Just select your region and the language of your preference. It's that simple!

What are adaption/integration courses?

Adaption/integration courses for immigrants are the first step to life in a new country. The courses are beneficial toforeigners who have moved to the Czech Republic and plan to live here for a long time. The courses offer a bounty of practical information about the functioning of Czech society. If you do not speak Czech, you have nothing to worry about. All courses are always translated into one of these five languages – English, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, French or Mongolian. We are preparing interpretation into Arabic.

What will I learn during these courses?

As already outlined, the courses offer practical information about life in the Czech Republic. The courses focus on the basic aspects of Czech society, the rights and obligations associated with your stay and, ultimately, you will be offered contacts to various authorities, integration centres and non-profit organisations. You will also be provided with the necessary information related to your stay, such as about the education system, lessons and examinations in the Czech language, employment, business, health and social security, health care and information on how to seek help in case of an emergency.

Who should attend the courses?

Adaption/integration courses are for third-country nationals who have started a new life in the Czech Republic. Within six months of arriving in the Czech Republic, foreigners taking the courses will have the necessary basic information to help them better understand the new country.

Are the courses obligatory?

The courses were supposed to be mandatory as of January 2014 for all migrants following an anticipated amendment to the law on the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic, but this has not yet occurred. However, as explained in the preceding lines, participating in the course is very beneficial.

Who leads the courses?

Adaption/integration courses are always conducted by certified instructors from the integration centres and non-profit organisations.

Must I pay for the courses?

Not at all. The courses are free for all participants. You do not need to bring any money with you..

Do I get any study materials at the course that I can use as a reference?

Yes, of course. Newly arrived foreigners who pass the courses will get sufficient study materials in the form of a package, a source of information for any "home study". The information package contains an information brochure and a DVD (film). The materials for each of the adaption/integration courses are also available on this web site. The brochure provides detailed information on staying in the Czech Republic and contact details for non-profit organisations and integration centres. The package also contains a DVD with afilm through which viewers get a vivid presentation of important information about the socio-cultural aspects of Czech society. Both materials can be found in several languages on this web site as well.

How long is the course? Are refreshments available?

It's always a one-day course lasting 8 hours. The course includes coffee breaks and lunch. Refreshments are provided by organizers free of charge.